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ABS simulator
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Freightliner/Wabco ABS simulator

The unit shown is an automotive (truck) ABS simulator. This simulator was produced for Freightliner and uses Wabco ABS and Rockwell brake components. The simulator has two working brakes, one front, and one rear. The unit has a complete truck air system, less the compressor, air tanks, and related components. The unit uses externally supplied "shop" air pressure for operation. The ABS wheel gear tooth rings are mounted on clear plastic wheels that are motorized. The wheels are driven by a variable speed DC motor located inside the cabinet. To demonstrate a vehicles wheel locking up, each simulator wheel shaft has a slip clutch that allows the wheel to be slowed or stopped by placing a hand on the outer diameter of the rotating wheel.

Vehicle operations is simulated by starting the wheels rotating. A switch and knob on the front panel controls the speed of the DC motor to rotate the wheels. The wheel rpm can be varied from 0 to 25 MPH. The air brake foot pedal is operated by hand. A lock on the pedal allows the brakes to be set and remain on. Air pressure in the system activates the brake chambers the same as on a vehicle. To demonstrate the ABS operation, the operator places his hand on either wheel to slow its rotation. As the wheel slows, the ABS system senses this and starts modulating air pressure to the brake chamber of the affected wheel to decrease breaking. This is the exact operation as on a real vehicle. Additionally, mis-adjusting the wheel sensor or disconnecting harness connectors can introduce ABS faults. The ABS system will issue fault codes on the warning lamp. The system service tool can also be connected to the service connector to perform diagnostics. The unit is designed to operate on 120V 60Hz or 220V 50Hz.

The unit weighs approximately 500 pounds and measures 4'- 0" length, 3'- 2" width and 4'- 0" height.