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Borg-Warner Torque-On-Demand simulator
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BorgWarner TorqTransfer Simulator

The TorqTransfer Simulator was developed for BorgWarner to demonstrate the functionality of the new TorqTransfer technology. The simulator consists of the drive train components from a Ford Explorer and the new BorgWarner transfer case. A variable speed gear motor located below the cabinet powers the input shaft of the transfer case. A switch on the instrument panel controls the transfer case functions. This is the same switch as used on the Explorer. Although in the Explorer the transfer case is electronically controlled by a vehicle control module, we were unable to utilize this module because of other required inputs. To solve the problem, our developers used an embedded processor and controls. Custom software was written for the processor to emulate the functionality of the Explorer.

The transfer case and both differentials are cutaway to show working components. All cutaway areas plus the two drive shafts are covered with formed acrylic panels for user protection. The differentials have been shortened (side-to-side) so the complete simulator display can be moved into conference rooms and other areas for demonstrations. The components have a semi-show finish and the paint is DuPont Chroma Premier.

As with all of our simulators, this unit was designed and built with up-fits in mind. It has already been fitted with a new transfer case and electronics.